Pulaski County Middle School

Pulaski County, VA

Pulaski County Middle School was designed and built to replace two smaller middle schools in the area. We were tasked with assembling the FFE package for the project.  The school features three wings of classrooms off the central program—front office, media center, gymnasium, and cafeteria. The school is approximately 160,000 square feet and has over 50 classrooms.

Our process began with collaboration sessions with small groups of teachers.  We discussed the functions of each activity area, group area, and classroom to customize the FFE package to their needs.

The Media Center is a unique feature of this project—offering a conference room, private classroom, a variety of seating and study space within the library, as well as the library shelves and custom circulation desk.

Another special feature of the school, the collaboration area, is a two-story space located in every wing.  The room can be used by multiple classes or small groups of students at one time.  This space has four distinct areas: lounge seating, high top tables and stools, booth seating and tables, and linear tables along the windows.

The classrooms’ furniture is centered around flexibility, and the triangular desks can be grouped together or separated for group projects or tests, respectively.  This flexibility also created a safe environment during the pandemic.

The FFE package exhibits a variety of furniture types—including high tops, lounge seating, pod seating, individual desks, and collaborative desks.  The furniture features wipeable and cleanable vinyls and a lifetime warranty.

We worked closely with Skanksa to coordinate our delivery and installation schedules as each wing of classrooms was completed. Adding to the challenge, the school administration changed midway through the project. With this new administration, the design was revisited, and we tried to incorporate as much of the new design direction as possible.


Pulaski County Middle School

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Photographs: Alyssa Nealon